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  1. MatsuSkyline

    hii! hey can you post the band apart song’s lyrics? (of their latest e.p.) their lyrics are in english but i speak spanish then i can’t undertand english very well =(

    please =(

  2. I found some lyrics from them but not the latest e.p.

  3. MatsuSkyline

    oks ^^ no problem thanks ^^

  4. Hey, could you do a romaji lyric for « Em » from « Forest at the Head of a River »?
    Please, I can’t seem to find it anywhere and it’s my fav song. :(
    And thanks for all SCLL songs, I love this band so much!

  5. Hello, May I use your Kanji and Romaji of Spangle call Lilli line – Nano to translate into Thai? My friend really love this song and ask me to translate for her. Thank you!

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